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Jobe Productions Audio Projects


This page is dedicated to the best audio work that Jobe Productions has done. These audio projects range from voice-over work that I've done for fun, to audio projects that I've done for school.
MoJo's Voice-Over Demo Reel - Morgan Jobe
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Morgan Jobe's Voice-Over Demo Reel

This is my Voice-Over Demo Reel (snippets of all my best audio work). It compiles clips from 9 different audio projects that I have worked on as an editor, voice-over artist, or both. All these audio projects were done for either school or personal work

Hansel and Gretel in Space - Morgan Jobe, Georgia Hionis, Katie Wilcockson
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Hansel and Gretel In Space

This is a reimagination of a fairy tale my group and I had to do for class. This is the story Hansel and Gretel with a twist.

The Lion Hunt- FX Story - Morgan Jobe
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The Lion Hunt FX Story

This is a story of a man going on a lion hunt. This audio track was a project I had to do for my Digital Audio class at NIU. Our project was creating a story using just sound effects, no dialogue. 
The story itself does have interactive motions and talking. This story was told to me and others ever since I was little. For the past 2 years, I got the pleasure of sharing it with my campers at my camp counseling job.
I've also converted this story into a 1/2 hour TV script for class.

DeKalb Salvation Army Church 60 Sec. Radio Spot - Morgan Jobe
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DeKalb  Corp 60 Sec. Radio Spot

This is a quick 60 second radio spot (commercial) that I produced to advertise my current church.

The Dark Knight- Bank Robbery Scene (Reimagined)

I took a Digital audio class at NIU this semester and for our final. This was my first attempt at sound designing. We had to recreate a scene from a movie. I chose this clip from The Dark Knight. We each got these movie clips that were muted and we had to reimagine the scene and create all the sounds and dialogue from scratch. This is my first attempt at being a sound designer. Some sound effects we actually had to record ourselves. These sounds and known as Field and Foley Sounds.

Thanks to my actors who lent their voices to this scene!



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